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Helping Kids Cope

Helping Kids Cope is proud to announce the unveiling of the new web site. I am so proud of what this organization can do and I am so excited to see the children, families and birthparents get the help they need and deserve. There are three awardsParents-To-Be Award,Smiles Award, andPositive Choice Award.

Helping Kids Cope is different in that we are helping adoptive parents who are homestudy ready defray the cost of the adoption services. We are aware that there are many families that can afford all the adoption fees but if we can help with some of those fees than the families' finances could than go towards that child's future.

Helping Kids Cope is different in that we are helping foster care children see that they can have a positive life and deserve to have that. We want to show success through enriching their life through education.  We want to show them how to excel through education.  It takes special people to be foster parents and to show these children life and how to succeed in life, we want to help.

Helping Kids Cope is different in that birth parents place their child voluntarily with a loving family and they by law receive nothing for that sacrifice. Some states are able to give birth mother assistance, but that is for a short time and does not help them to succeed in their life beyond the adoption. We want to help them succeed through education and other means.

Helping Kids Cope wants to help families, children and birth parents cope with adoption and succeed in future life endeavors.

Adoption is positive and is a wonderful choice. I encourage all who are involved with children and adoption to get involved with Helping Kids Cope either by giving or getting involved.

If you're able, please give to the 2010 Earthquake victims. Some estimate that 1 million children are waiting for you to consider Haiti adoption options.


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